Training & Workshops

Providing know-how – with the licence to understand

You would like to make use of applications more effectively? We continuously concentrate on technical and strategic developments – expert knowledge we would like to share with you.

Our workshops for one day or several days are theoretical as well as practice-oriented. They are well-structured and up-to-date – this ensures a high added value for your day-to-day work. Our experienced lecturers impart their knowledge to small groups, which guarantees an effective way of learning. If desired, we train your employees in workshops that are specially tailored to your company at your premises.

Workshops that hit the mark: understanding, training, applying

The workshops examine Geo-information Processing from different perspectives, they deal with the structure of spatial data infrastructures and the topic Open Source. The offerings extent from a general introduction to the successful combination of different components. In the workshops we analyse in common, for example, standards such as WMS or WFS and we deal with strategic GI-consulting.

Our training opportunities include the following workshops:

Workshop „Spatial Data Infrastructure / OGC“

Intended for companies, institutions and public authorities that work with GIS installations or establish GIS structures. Ideal for qualified employees and executives who back on a maximum efficiency of interoperable (several compatible) systems. After having introduced into the topic of spatial data infrastructures we explain by means of real-life examples aspects such as security and OGC standards or details of a specification.

Workshop „Spatial Data Infrastructure / deegree“

Here you will learn about the performance of spatial data infrastructures that are based on open standards. You will find out which possibilities there are in order to realise components of spatial data infrastructures based on the free software deegree.

Workshop „Deegree-Administration“

You receive the essential equipment in order to install deegree web services and clients and configure them for your applications. Directly learn from the makers of deegree! Discover how services can be linked with eachother and how existing products can be integrated with deegree in an optimal way.

Workshop „Development-Consulting“

Start your new project with a „service on-site“ by our qualified deegree developers. They offer support when analysing a project and they control the installation of deegree and OGC web services together with you. If desired, we advise you on the integration of further free software.

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