We provide an orientation concerning all GIS questions

A well-founded conception is needed for a custom-made solution concerning spatial data infrastructures. Here we advise you - efficiently and close. We want to help on crucially.

But can efficient consulting be noticed right at the beginning? We believe, yes! The following aspects are essential:

  • • comprehensive knowledge of the relevant geo-standards
  • • targeted and field-tested approach
  • • comprehensible mediation of technical details
  • • accommodated to individual requirements
  • • neutral position
  • • engaged accross borders

We take up the cause for all this – lat/lon consulting directly leads you to experience. Ultimately – and this is the most accurate measuring tool – it depends on the fact that our consulting stands the test in eveyday life and leads to the results you wanted right from the beginning.

We are well-versed: refer to expert knowledge

As good consulting is confidential, your person in charge will extensively deal with your project and all the details involved. Namely in the full sense of the word. Eventually the balance between organisational and technical questions while constructing a spatial data infrastructure is a complex requirement. A task we solve on a high conceptual level within the group. For this we link the current state of research to the state-of-the-art IT-tool.

lat/lon assists in all phases of the spatial data infrastructure construction – from the demand analysis via the system conception to the implementation and final quality management. There is comprehensive experience when regarding the conception and the integration of different spatial data infrastructures and OGC services within several areas of application.
We are the leaders when talking about the development of open and standard-based Geo Web Services and we make use of this in your interest. Especially in the area of free GIS software (open source) lat/lon can provide comprehensive and first-class know-how.