Transfering spatial data into an application across borders

Spatial data play a literally significant role in more and more areas. Whether plot boundaries and transport ways have to be set, in the immission control and the flood prevention or in the case of land use.

Spatial data mostly form the basis for decisions in administration, research, logistics, environment and economy. In order to fulfil this current and coherent information is needed that are available to all the participants, e.g. via an online geo-portal. The premise for such an offer are standardised geo-services.

lat/lon is your contact for web-based geo-information services as well as customised spatial data applications. When implementing we go back to proven open source technologies. This allows the whole control of your IT-resources. Behind the open source technology, the idea of free software, there is the principle that the user has unlimited access to the source code as well as comprehensive liberties with the license. Programmes provided with that can individually be adapted, copied and spread, checked, changed and finally improved. We explicitly refer to the definition of the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Open Source guarantees a high reliability for all practical purposes

Thanks to transparency as well as the control by the community linked to it, mistakes and security flaws can be found faster and be suppressed, helpful features can be developed. Your advantage: improved security, stability, sustainability.

The amenities of free software – like the unlimited usability without additional license costs – is expanded by lat/lon, as we simply fit GIS components in your software//IT-environment. Make use of our technical competence as the engine for your geo-informtion products. The crutial gain for you: you can set the level of contribution as well as the temporal effort. The range reaches from the turn-key open source solution to the developers' workstation where we share the knowledge on the use of source codes or the software interfaces. lat/lon creates specific expansions of the framework that are then made available for the user community.

Our engagement is for the deegree project. It is about a Java-based open source software for the linkage of spatial data, based on the international standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the ISO (TC 211). deegree is the official reference implementation of the OGC for the specifications Web Map Service / WMS (1.1.1 und 1.3.0) and WCS (1.0.0). The deegree components form the basis for numerous productive spatial data infrastructures worldwide. And linked and open solutions allow not only a more effective use of geo-information but also help to reduce costs.