lat/lon association for localised information systems mbH
Im Ellig 1
53343 Wachtberg, Germany
phone: ++49 (0)228 24 333 784
email: info@lat-lon.de

We can be found here:

Our office in Ellig is located in the village of Villiprott in the municipality of Wachtberg. Spatially, our location is between Bad Godesberg and Meckenheim, with the Kottenforst in the north directly adjacent.

Arrival making use of public transportation

Starting from Bad Godesberg train station, take line 855 (Villip Kirche) to the 'Wachtberg Bruch' stop. From there on, it is a 10-minute walk to our location.

Arrival making use of the car

The best way to reach us from the north and south is via the A565. Take exit 11-Merl towards the L158, then follow it and turn onto 'Beckers Kreuz'. Follow the road and turn left into 'Burgstrasse', follow this one as well and then turn right into 'Dorfstrasse'. If you then follow the 'Dorfstrasse' you will reach our location.